Our Mission and Values

Our Mission Statement

The mission of Tile for Less is to gain a reputation with homeowners and installation professionals for providing a remarkable value and installation economy along with extraordinary service experience; all leading to the creation of customer evangelists who take pride in recommending us as their preferred resource for ceramic, porcelain, and natural stone tiles.


Our Values Credo

The fabric of our team at Tile For Less is evidenced by its Credo of Values. These are shared beliefs that we subscribe to in guiding our daily work effort and provide a theme in support of our Mission Statement and Charge for Quality.


Practice doing the "right thing: and encourage others to do the same


Develop learning oppotunities to allow everyone personal growth and the develo9pment of skills to meet growing customer expectations.


Maintain uncompromising integraity by honest and principled behaviour in all our work and person al conduct.


Treat others with the same personal and preofessional consideration we expect for ourselves.


Value differing viewpoints,m work together to execute our team and company goals, and together create synergy so everyone achieves more.


Create an environmemntn where we can trust one another and share infomration freely.


Always conduct ourselves and our work effort in a forthright and truthful manner.


Know and understand our responsibilities and live uyp to our commitments.


Quality Mission

Quality Management at Tile For Less is a leadership philosophy and strategy which is based on continuous improvement of every work process and brought about by:

  • Empowerment of our team
  • Continuous learning
  • Performance measurement

all of which is directed toward providing outstanding service and customer satisfaction.