Complete Bath Remodel  | Shower Installation
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Above are some pictures of one of our customer's bathroom remodel.

A note from the homeowner about the project:
Here are some "before" and "after" pictures of the bathroom remodel we just did. The bathroom took about three weeks from start to finish. We fell in love with the large granite tiles that we used on our kitchen remodel 3 years ago and we used them for our bathroom. We budgeted $1,500 to $2,000 for the bathroom remodel...we only spent $1,200...I think it is a real bargain for a great look. Of course we did all of the work ourselves and I was able to leave the oatmeal colored tiles in place for the majority of the bathroom floor and walls. I am proud to say I cut all of the granite for the counter and window sill...did the tiling...demoed all of the old 50s taupe tile...also did the wallboard, taping and mudding. My husband did the plumbing and electric...not bad for a 61 and 63 year old. Tell your customers it can be done on a very low budget and by amateurs...old ones at that!!!