Tile For Less Customer Reviews

We had a small job - tiling the area around our fireplace with stone tiles. We found the tiles elsewhere but decided to make the trip into Seattle just to see what Tiles for Less had. We were not disappointed! They did not have our stone tile in stock, but gladly ordered it for us and matched the price of the big box store. In addition to that, they loaned us the wet saw for 24 hours (more than enough time to do the job) and were friendly and helpful. My husband mis-cut 2 of the tiles and needed about 1/4" more taken off. This was discovered after we had put the wet saw away and were applying the adhesive. We thought we would have to set up the wet saw again and hope we could successfully trim off such a small amount., but we took the tiles in and they gladly cut the tiles for us with no charge. Crisis averted! Our next job is a kitchen backsplash and we will go directly to Tiles for Less. Thanks for being such a great business!

Hi Kevin,
I am writing in response to the letter I received regarding our recent purchase at the Bothell location. You were asking if someone gave exceptional service, and the answer is a resounding YES! Francesca helped us pick out the perfect tile for our fireplace. We came in thinking we knew what we wanted but as we explored the look we wanted we soon had doubts. Francesca showed us some options that gave us the feeling we were looking for but were a much better choice for a variety of reasons. She was very knowledgeable and she was able to give some guidelines while letting my husband and I make the decision that was best for us. I will definitely come looking for her again since we will have another fireplace to do in the near future as well.
Don’t lose her!
Nancy Birkner

Amazing customer service from everyone there. Tony and Randy were helpful every time i walked. Painless process, useful advice and constructive input. Thank you for all the help!
- Alex Tonu

Complete remodel and design of our entire home, no easy task! Once we were ready to pick colors and finishes, we decided tile would be the best for us. Quality, appearance, and budget! However, looking into all of the different options became a little over whelming especially when your first stop is Home Depot and not one person in the department is a "Tile Expert". We then looked into Tile For Less. What a God send! We were greeted promptly, and in no time had our selections narrowed down. We had a budget and they were great about not going over while still matching our needs. Both my husband and I would recommend TILE FOR LESS to anyone and everyone! Even if it's a small project you have in mind, it's definitely worth looking into!!
- Gina Koenig

I went here after looking at the skimpy selection of tile at Home Depot. They have an amazing selection to choose from, many examples of creative tile designs in the store, and upstairs a room full of quartz and other countertop materials (and more tiles). They offer free use of tools and "how-to" DVDs, and they will buy back leftover tiles so no worries if you accidentally buy a little too much. Hands down, IMO this is the best place in Seattle to get tile for your project.
- Bodhi Shanti

We just did of the bathroom remodel with the help of Tile for Less. The bathroom took about three weeks from start to finish. We fell in love with the large granite tiles that we used on our kitchen remodel 3 years ago and we used them for our bathroom. We budgeted $1,500 to $2,000 for the bathroom remodel...we only spent $1,200...I think it is a real bargain for a great look. Of course we did all of the work ourselves and I was able to leave the oatmeal colored tiles in place for the majority of the bathroom floor and walls. I am proud to say I cut all of the granite for the counter and window sill...did the tiling...demoed all of the old 50s taupe tile...also did the wallboard, taping and mudding. My husband did the plumbing and electric...not bad for a 61 and 63 year old. Tell your customers it can be done on a very low budget and by amateurs...old ones at that!!!
- A Google User

Great selection ...especially backsplash. The staff are great and helpful.
- N.M.

I've had a difficult time finding the back splash I want and came close at $22+ a sq.ft. which is a bit over my budget...well quite a bit. Before giving up and "settling" on something that would have worked, I went to Tile For Less. They had exactly what I was looking for at $8.99 a sq. ft. and I like it better than anything I've seen. I am so happy right now! And as for the customer service: it was helpful, friendly, not pushy, and overall just fine.
- Roberta L

I've been a satisfied customer for several years now but today, they exceeded my expectations. I can't say enough about Tony at the Bothell, WA. store. I've been working on a bathroom remodel and ended up needing 30 additional pieces of Marble asap. I called Tony late yesterday afternoon but it was too late to get the order on a truck for delivery today. Tony decided he would pickup the order himself and drop it at the Bothell store... on his day off ! Who does that? The staff at Bothell is great but Tony ought to get "Employee of the Month" if they have such a thing. Thanks again Tony for awesome customer service.
- Scott E

Great place to buy tiles. Great selection, helpful staff. I could not make up my mind on which tiles would be perfect for my project. I asked the staff and they actually picked out the tiles that I ended up using. These guys have great taste. My project is finished and looks great. I had a bunch of extra tile. They take returns! Seattle has lots of tile store choices and you should definitely add these guys to your shopping list.
- Katie J

Awesome service and very knowledgeable. Noel helped us tremendously on our condo tiling project. He hooked us up on free saw rental for multiple occasions; even got a Starbucks gift card last Christmas since we've spent so much money. Highly recommend this place for anyone who has a tiling project on mind.
- Joycifer H

My wife and I went to Tile for Less and worked with Noel to buy the tiles for a basement bathroom floor. Good customer service, quick pick up and payment. Noel hooked us up with Randy and Mike at Lakeshore Tile who did fantastic job installing and we love our new floor. Randy and Mike were friendly and they've got the level of experience one would want for an installer. All in, we spent just a little bit less than budgeted so that worked out well too.
- Ben M

I buy tile from a variety of places, but these guys had the best selection for good prices. I took home many tiles for a couple of months while I figured out which tiles I wanted from where. I took the samples back later no problem. My projects were small so I was could shop their close out section and I picked up some beautiful accent pieces. When friends come over, they always comment on the accent pieces. All of their sales people were knowledgeable and able to answer any questions that I had.
- Pline W

What's great about Tiles for Less on Seattle's 1st Ave South is that they always seem to have new inventory every time we come here. The employees are always very helpful, friendly, and non-pressuring. We've done a kitchen and several bathrooms using tiles from this store and are very happy with the results. Thanks Jimmy... you've been great helping us find the right tiles at great prices. Other tile stores really don't compare. We get a free use of a tile saw with our purchase. Who does that? We used to run all over town looking for tiles but now we find great tiles at Tiles for Less. And always great service. Thank you Jimmy and all the crew at Tiles for Less in Seattle.
- Steve W

Awesome customer service!!!!!!!! Noelle is the guy to go to for any question. He's always personable and never gives the impression he rather not be helping the customer.
- S. N.

Great People and Great Service! We bought all our tile for our new construction home from Tile for Less. Building a home can be overwhelming. The designers, sales people, and owner were a tremendous help! Everything was available, and when I needed more later, it was easy to get. I couldn't have done this without them!!
- S. M.

If you are shopping for floor tiles to start your honey-do-list, look no futher than Tile For Less. Besides a wide selection of tiles; they also have excellent staff. They are very knowledgeable. Noelt in particular was very helpful and professional. I highly recommend shopping at Tile For Less.
- Michael N.

I just completed my tile order and was more than thrilled by the service I received. This is the second bathroom that we have remodeled and used a different store previously with no complaints. However, this time, the tile stores closest to my home (Magnolia) and the one I used previously in the U-District were very disappointing and reluctant to help or make helpful recommendations based on the unusual tile size I needed for my sloping bathroom. Thanks to JIMMY who was patient and diligent and more than helpful in making recommendations that I would not have thought. Would DEFINITELY recommend!

My husband and I went to Tiles for Less today, June 15th, 2013. You just want to buy something by looking at the window dispaly. They have so many nice looking choices. We purchased tile from them in the past to tile our bedroom and kitchen. Today we were looking for a specific tile size to use as a back splash on our boat. We had been to three other places and all we heard was "we don't have that size." At "Tiles fo Less" Mario came up with a couple of options to help solve the size problem. We purchased our tile there and was very impressed with the service.
- Michaelle W.

Great service and decent prices. Bought some granite tiles the other day and didn't really know what I was looking for. The staff were very helpful in helping me select the right stone. Thank you Tile For Less, I will be back for my next project!
- John T

Great selection, really helpful people, and a very fair price for some very nice tile. They even provided a free tile saw rental for the job to go along with the free coffee, popcorn, and donuts. This is what customer service should always be!
- Scott Strauss

Tiles for less gave us a great Travertine tile for our kitchen backsplash at a real bargain. Plus they did all of our cuts for free! Even when we had to make two sets of cuts. Really nice reps and convenient location.
- A Google User

I decided to make a review because all these bad reviews make me hesitate to go tile for less at the beginning . I am glad I didn't rely on these. My experience was awesome . Since I have entered salesman Randy offered his help which I appreciate a lot . I was walking for all the store and enjoyed all the selections . Prices are really good , great clearance selection and designs. I have visited a lot if tiles store ( this year I upgraded two kitchens :0, lot of searching for the right ones) and for sure you will be saving a lot if you buy here . I found a beautiful backsplash for my kitchen and I can't wait to see them on place :D
- Kely B.

Tile For Less provides the best price for tiles in Washington. Most importantly they have everything in stock, so you can choose a tile and get to work immediately. The Bothell location is worth the travel time. The showroom is much better and less crowded. More importantly the staff at Bothell is SO MUCH better. Tony is amazing. He is knowledgeable and takes the time to provide great service and advice. However, sometimes you have to wait for service since they get busy and they are understaffed. So, go to Bothell and ask for Tony or Randy. Ohhh and they loan the wet saws, which is a real savings. I did all the tiling of a bathroom and it looks great.
- Mari K.

The guys at Tile for Less are super knowledgeable. They are always willing to give you advice and lend their expertise. The staff goes above and beyond to help you out on all your tiling projects. Noel and Jimmy are my go to guys whenever I have tiling questions. Thanks TFL!
- Emily C

I've had a wonderful experience with this company, for years. I found myself in the middle of an unplanned shower re-tile project about two years ago, and while they couldn't find an exact match for my tile (which was about 30 years old and is no longer made) they were able to order one that I liked even better. When the manufacturer was out of the edge tile I needed, they helped me come up with a cool design with another tile, to cheaply solve the problem (and keep the project on schedule.)
Fast forward two years later and I'm in the middle of *another* issue with the shower where we had to open the wall (ah, the joys of owning a home) and I've called them 4 or 5 times in two weeks, just asking for advice. I had enough tile left over from the last project that I'm not even ordering any more - but they are still happy to answer all of my "do it yourself" questions.
I went in to ask more questions, and the employee even gave me the tile order information so that worse case scenario I can call and order from them (over the phone) if I don't end up with enough tile saved to finish the project.
Every employee I've ever dealt with at Tile for Less is professional, knowledgeable, friendly and exceptionally helpful. It may be a chain, but it's not home depot - it feels like a small, local business. I'm not sure why James R. had such a negative experience (which is unfortunate) but I have to agree with everyone else that this is an excellent choice.
- Rebecca O

I used Tile for Less to redo my kitchen counters and backsplash recently. We used their min-slab granite tiles, which are an awesome way for DIYers to make granite countertops that look great for a lot less than a custom slab costs. I am really surprised to see that people complain about their customer service, because I thought that they were exceptionally helpful. I had never worked with tile before, and they walked me through the process, and all of the tools and materials that I would need. They also give you a free one-day tile saw rental when you buy tiles. I picked the tiles up on a Saturday, and since they are closed on Sunday, we had the saw until Monday mid-day at no charge! One other thing is that they let you return tiles, so you can buy more than you think you will actually need, and just return the extra at the end of the project. I used this feature to take home some tiles to try out in my kitchen before jumping into the project. I highly recommend.
- Sarah S

Tiles for Less is the place to go I bought beautiful marble and granite tiles for my kitchen and bathroom for a great price! They also hooked me up with an awesome contractor Lakeshore Tile. Then to top it all off, I got a coffee card for my business! For a single woman who has no knowledge of tile installation, I was put at ease and now have a beautiful kitchen and bathroom.
- Gina W

Great selection, helpful staff, and great location -- right across the street from Home Depot.
- M. N.

Non better in the business with customer service. Employees were exceptional and very patient with the numerous stops and questions. The tile is beautiful (PANARA WIND)! Accepting returns is huge positive! Thank you...
- Tracy P

Just want to drop a few lines on how helpful Tile For Less is. First my Wife and I were thinking about remodeling our kitchen ourselves, but were nervous because we never have done anything like this before. But we took their Tile class and Damon was great. He made us fell much more comfortable taking on this project. Not only did they lend out the tools for free but taught us how to do everything!! If you are nervous on doing your project yourself This is the place to go too. The Tiles are in stock and very reasonable. So a Special "THANK YOU" to Tile For Less.
- Mike H

We just did of the bathroom remodel with the help of Tile for Less. The bathroom took about three weeks from start to finish. We fell in love with the large granite tiles that we used on our kitchen remodel 3 years ago and we used them for our bathroom. We budgeted $1,500 to $2,000 for the bathroom remodel...we only spent $1,200...I think it is a real bargain for a great look. Of course we did all of the work ourselves and I was able to leave the oatmeal colored tiles in place for the majority of the bathroom floor and walls. I am proud to say I cut all of the granite for the counter and window sill...did the tiling...demoed all of the old 50s taupe tile...also did the wallboard, taping and mudding. My husband did the plumbing and electric...not bad for a 61 and 63 year old. Tell your customers it can be done on a very low budget and by amateurs...old ones at that!!!
- Libby T

TILE FOR LESS is the place to visit first!!! They have a wide selection of tile and their stone loft offers a wide selection of granite, travertine and slate. The sales staff was great at helping me coordinate the travertine and granite for my bathroom as well as providing excellent installation advice. Thanks again Tile for Less my bathroom looks great.
- Karyn S

Excellent. When we redid our bathroom in those little hex tiles that come in the 12x12 sheet, this is the only place that had interesting colors. They also had all the necessary equipment for rent and the expertise to impart to make the job go well, not exactly smoothly but definitely more smoothly than it could have without that knowledge.
- Jim S