HydroBlok Joint Sealant 10 oz



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HYDRO-BLOK Joint Sealant Joint Sealant has been developed as the optimal sealant/adhesive for use with HYDRO-BLOK shower system components. The low VOC polyurethane formula provides a strong, flexible & watertight seal. Also available in 20oz Sausage. HYDRO-BLOK Joint Sealant features a 20-year performance warranty. Refer to the product label and MSDS for additional health and safety information. Not classified as hazardous. 12-month storage/shelf life at a temperature of 41 to 77 degrees fahrenheit in the original sealed cartridge. Available in 10oz cartridges and 20oz sausages.

Please Note: HYDRO-BLOK Joint Sealant is the only approved adhesive to be used in the construction of a Hydroblok shower system. Hydroblok will not provide any warranty if a substitute is used in its place.


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